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Home of rituals, religious land of people, pride of the Country "India", Gods Own City "Kerala". Kerala is a holy city, land of beauty. Kerala is the grand place of royalty and rainbow of colors.Kerala is the soul of the India. Beauty of Kerala is like Clouds float in the Sky. Under the blue Sky the beauty of Nature is gift of God.How i define grace of the Kerala, i don't have words. I can only say that journey of Kerala is calm, pleasant, fabulous, breath taking and cultural.

Welcome to the India, a holy city, kindness in the heart of humans, land of diverse culture and grand experience of history. Large number of treasure in the heart of India. So Lets start journey, " Padharo Mare Desh".

Kerala is a big state of India, situated at the Tropical Malabar Coast. It has nearly 600 km of Arabian Sea shoreline. It is in the World eye because of its Palm Beaches and Backwaters, a network of Canals. Some writers compare Kerala from…

Sisily Little Heart

Slowly, Slowly sail a ship in a beautiful blue Ocean. Sing a song, Aroma all around, Breezy Winds. My heart is beating and i am flying with lots of curiosity, where i am, is it heaven or bundle of beauty. A city that is alive, that sings peaceful rhymes.  "ACitythatisHeartofItaly, aQueenofHeaven "SICILY"".

Sisily is the oldest wine in the royal glass. Sisily is like golden beauty next to the Mediterranean Sea. Sisily is having layers of civilization. Arguably Sisily is place of lots of wonders.Let's sail our fansiful ship through the waves of excitement and entertainment.

Start our miraculous journey from Palermo.Beautiful flowers and  colorful butterflies enhances beauty of Palermo. Palermo is the capital city of Sisily, kingdom of royalty. 

Palermo is the first starting point and untangle story of Sisily. Palermo was founded by the Ancient Phoenician 2700 years ago they called it "ZIZ" flower.500 years ago Italy was a Greek coloney, after that Ancient R…